Couch Gamers Brings Niche CMS to Gaming Websites

Couch Gamers is a niche content management system (CMS) targeting video game websites. Specifically, they’re looking at sites like or – information/review websites for the video gaming industry. The company was started by Michal Birecki and Thomas Sultana. They’ve got a very interesting founding story; the fact that they’ve never met in-person for example is amazing! Both are young entrepreneurs, and they’ve already got a number of years experience in Web businesses and the gaming niche.

Couch Gamers was started in Spring 2010 and they’re now starting to release demos and alpha versions of their system to early testers and customers. A beta version of their product should be available within a month or so. The goal is to provide people with the most comprehensive CMS for video game websites. Beyond that though, Michal and Thomas are looking at providing other niche CMS products under the “Couch” brand.

NextMontreal: What are your backgrounds?

Michal: Thomas Sultana is the lead developer and I’m the designer & CEO.

I founded my first company in 2005 at the age of 19 by selling my first sports car (a beautiful 2001 Honda S2000) to fund the development of Queen B Media. Within just a few years, the company grew to dominate the PlayStation arena with its first venture – Featured on G4TV, CrunchGear, Engadget, Joystiq along with hundreds of high caliber entertainment/gaming sources, grew to become one of the largest PlayStation information destinations. Its rapid growth was fuelled by my idea to create the world’s first white PlayStation 3.

Back in 2006, when the PlayStation 3 was just released, the urge to buy and sell PlayStation 3 units was just another way to make a few extra dollars. Quickly realizing that my PlayStation 3 wasn’t going to sell on eBay due to the overwhelming supply by likeminded entrepreneurs, I decided to attempt the impossible – to create the world’s first white PlayStation 3 by replicating Sony’s initial prototypes.

I had gained some skills at my father’s car body shop through years of working there. By stripping the PlayStation 3 unit into two dozen pieces, I was able to professionally rework and repaint the gaming console. The white PlayStation 3 was released on Christmas day on and brought as much as 130,000 views in a few days. Today, is the highest ranked PlayStation 3 website within the world’s largest search engines – all due to great design, marketing, development, SEO and management skills.

In addition to my fulltime commitment with Queen B Media, I was also working part-time for Apple Canada as a Territory Manager for 5 universities and studying fulltime at Concordia University. In May 2010, I had graduated with a B.A. in Economics.

These last years have given me a tremendous amount of experience and exposure within the web world as I had the opportunity to deal with employees, designers, programmers, advertising agencies, PR agencies & marketing specialists from all over the world. I would’ve also never met my co-founder if it weren’t for these last few years of networking!

Thomas is 20 years old. He was born in Malta, and at an early age moved to Sydney, Australia. He originally entered the gaming space when he and a friend decided to start their own video game website. They built the site back in 2006 using Geocities and got more and more interested in coding with PHP, JavaScript, etc. Years later, I reached out to Thomas regarding an opportunity to acquire Custom CMS (a product that was being targeted to the game industry) and start Couch Gamers. Amazingly, we have yet to meet in-person — Thomas is still in Australia and I’m here. We work primarily over Skype and it’s been very good.

For more information about Couch Gamers. Click here.

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