Web Developer (PHP) Job at Wajam

by NextMontreal on January 11, 2011

Wajam logoWajam is hiring a full-time Web (PHP) developer to work at their Montreal offices. Stock options may be included.

Wajam (@wajam) is a promising startup that wants to change the way people find content online. We’re building a tool that enhances the search experience provided by major search engines.

We’re a small team fueled by Guru and espresso, with a « love/hate » relationship with Cassandra. We prefer to fix bugs while drinking beer at the end of the day.

What are the top reasons someone should work at Wajam?

  • You’ll get to work on a promising and challenging project where you can take an active role in product development.
  • We’re a fun team that enjoys working hard in a relaxed office in the heart of the Plateau.
  • We have an awesome espresso machine.

Describe a ‘day in the life’ for this role:

  • Morning roundup with team to figure out the day’s priorities
  • Tasks and bugs are prioritized in Planbox (which is built in house)
  • Put your headphones on and code to your heart’s content
  • Go out for lunch with friends/coworkers in the plateau (unless it’s a potluck day)
  • Back to coding, with a few trips to the espresso machine or mini fridge for Guru
  • A couple thousand lines of code later, work on some bugs and if it’s after 5pm grab a beer from the tap
  • Go home dreaming up new features

Or it might look something like this: http://www.wajam.com/a_dev_day.php

How will the new employee’s performance be measured? Define the job’s specific goals:

Everyone is accountable to the rest of the team. Ultimately, if the users come, you’ve succeeded!

Describe the job:

The candidate will be responsible for:

  • Programming, testing and documenting the development of PHP websites and web applications.
  • Working with a small team in order to release software applications on time, as per the
  • Conducting own unit level testing/QA.
  • Integrating software applications with other systems.
  • Providing analysis documentation during project lifecycle.
  • Evaluating new technology and making recommendations for adoption.

What should candidates include in their applications to help them stand out?

Send us your favourite LOLcat. But really, you should know what to do to impress us!

How to Apply

Send your application to jobs@wajam.com.