Wajam is Social Search Directly in Your Search Engine

Wajam is a startup entering into the crowded and messy social search space (most industries are crowded and messy!) The company was instigated by the folks at Bolidea, a startup accelerator that we’ve covered before. Bolidea has been involved in a few launches and startup announcements of late, including Artfox, Serviceville and Planbox.

Wajam started in March 2009, and they’re now getting ready to open the doors. They’ll be presenting at Startup Camp Montreal 7 as well.

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A lot of startups are playing in the social search space – Greplin, Blekko, Sentimnt (which has pivoted to the enterprise), Introspectr, Nsyght (which is already dead), Heystaks, and more. Even with a number of these early startups there have been pivots and outright failures. Although a lot of people are complaining about Google’s efficacy, search is a tough nut to crack.

Wajam’s approach is to embed its social results directly into your search engine of choice. This is one of its key differentiators. Users don’t have to change their behavior and can continue to use their search engine, with the added Wajam results displayed. Another very interesting point is that Wajam is attempting to monetize very quickly by displaying ads and providing Pro accounts to power users. We chatted with Martin-Luc Archambault, founder of Bolidea to learn more.

NextMontreal: What is Wajam?

Martin-Luc: Wajam is a browser extension that makes searching the web more personal by adding social results to your search engine. It works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, on either PC or Mac.

Wajam automatically saves the content you and your friends are posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious and makes that content available when you search from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. So what’s great about Wajam is that it doesn’t require users to change the way they do things because it seamlessly ties into what they already do online.

Getting started simply involves downloading the Wajam browser application and telling it which sources to aggregate from (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Bookmarks). This process not only takes less than a minute, but is absolutely safe and private. Wajam is certified by TRUSTe and Verisign, users have total control of which content it saves for them. Users’ content and personal information is kept secure on Rackspace cloud servers and is never shared with anybody.

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