Wajam Everywhere Launches – Social Search Across the Web

by NextMontreal on June 30, 2011

Wajam is a tool for doing social search. It works through a browser plugin and then connects to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Wajam injects results into places where you search – say Google – by showing social results from your friends.

Today they’ve launched “Wajam Everywhere” which takes their social search feature and puts it across the Web. Inside of search engines like Google or Bing, it works the same way, but on other sites like TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, etc. it displays a bar across the top of the browser window with social recommendations and results.

Here’s an example with TripAdvisor, where the search was for “Hotels in San Francisco”:

Here’s another example, this time with eBay, searching for “Nexus S 4G”:

eBay Wajam

You can read the full announcement on their blog, which includes more examples.

The bar across the top of the browser only appears if your friends have something to recommend based on what you’re looking for. This makes social search ubiquitous across the Web, which can add a lot of value and context.

You can download Wajam at wajam.com.