Tara Hunt Listed as One of 25 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch

by NextMontreal on February 23, 2011

Tara HuntFast Company just published an article titled 25 Women-Run Startups to Watch.

Tara Hunt and her startup Shwowp (which should be getting a new name fairly soon) are listed in 12th spot. The focus of the article is on startups, but the list is also highlighting women entrepreneurs.

The Fast Company article points to the fact that the debate about women in technology and women startup founders continues to rage. They point to an interesting article by Geoff Livingston. Robert Scoble has jumped into the fray as well.

Debate and discussion aside (although I’m happy to have a discussion on NextMontreal about the issues – any takers?), kudos to Tara and Shwowp for getting attention.

photo from Tara’s site: http://www.horsepigcow.com/about/.