Recruiting Two Reporters for Startup Festival

by NextMontreal on July 7, 2011

There will be a lot of news and interesting stories emerging out of next week’s Startup Festival. Alone, I won’t be able to cover it all.

So I’m looking for 2 (or 3) reporters that want to help me out during Startup Festival from July 13th to July 15th. I will get you into Startup Festival for free, so you won’t have to pay for your ticket.

Your job will be to file stories during the day on the sessions, keynotes, etc. You’ll try and interview people (including speakers) and get a feel for the vibe and what’s going on. I expect you’ll file a few stories per day (especially on the 14th). On the 15th there are a bunch of events after Startup Festival (Mobile Camp, etc.) and I’d love to have those covered as well.

If you’re interested, I need to know that you’ll be diligent, pursue people to get stories and interviews, and can write well. Please email me ASAP.