History of coupons


Most of us would have used coupons at least once in our lives. It is one of the business concepts that been in practice for more than a century. We bet that most of the people who are using coupons take it for granted. But there is a lot that you need to know and the history coupons in one interesting thing. In this article, we will see the history of coupons in detail but if you need more details about coupons, search for overstock coupon 20 which will provide you all the info that you need about coupons.

Grape and nuts

Grape and Nuts was one of the famous cereal brands. They were the ones who used the concept of coupons after Coca Cola in the year 1909.

Grape and nuts

The beginning

The first ever coupon was distributed by the most successful beverage brand ever Coca Cola. In the beginning, Coca Cola was actually sold in the pharmacies. The company used to give two gallons of Coke to the owners in for the name and address of people who lived near the pharmacy. After collecting the name and address, they would send a direct mail of their coupons.


Neilsen Coupon Clearing House

In 1957 Neilsen Coupon Clearing House Company was found. It was the first ever company that was entirely dedicated to coupon redemption. They served as a middle man between manufacturers and retailers.


Co-Op Free Standing Insert

In the year 1972, George F Valassis introduced the concept of Co-Op Free Standing Insert for coupons. The original name of the concept was flag wavers.


In the year 1968, the concept of Valpak was found, Terry Loebel. It was actually a little envelope with coupons in it for various services in your neighborhood.


National Coupon Month

In September 1997, The United States of America celebrated its first-ever national Coupon Month. It was actually Brown who played an important role in the creation of National Coupon Month. When he was interviewed, he said that there is nothing special about the month of September. It is just that September is the perfect time for everyone to think that kids are going back to school and I have to save money for holidays.


Geo-Fencing tech

2012 witnessed the 125th anniversary of coupons. In the month of November RetailMeNot launched the first ever geo-fencing technology in its mobile application.


In 2006 the most used coupon site in the United States was found.

Mobile Coupons

2010 the first every mobile coupon was introduced.  It was really after 2005 that the smartphone industry started to develop drastically. Target was the first national chain to get coupons into mobile phones.


Mobile coupons

From 2013 the mobile coupons gained a lot of popularity, and hence there was a drastic decrease in the use of paper coupons. At the same the time there was a drastic increase in usage of mobile coupons through various sites and mobile applications during the years 2014 and 2015. It is said more than 55% of people who use coupons are using it through various mobile applications.…