NextMontreal Has a New Owner – Brent Barrett

by NextMontreal on April 23, 2012

I started NextMontreal in August 2010 to fill a void in the Montreal startup ecosystem.

My goal was always to connect people through news and information, and I think it’s been a success. NextMontreal has covered lots of stories and lots of startups. And I know we’ve connected people together, because I’ve gotten that feedback consistently since starting the site. My other goal was to provide people outside of Montreal with a view into what’s going on here. That’s been somewhat successful, but it’s also extremely easy to spend a lot of time navel gazing and not outwardly focused.

I’m glad I started NextMontreal, but now it’s time to pass the baton to a new owner, Brent Barrett.

Brent is well-known around the community for his involvement in various events, video work and more. He’s excited and committed to continuing NextMontreal’s success, and hopefully expanding it further. Brent’s going to bring more video into the equation, which I think is a great idea. I expect he’ll do a lot more as well.

Brent’s also going to need help.

If you value NextMontreal and care about the Montreal startup ecosystem, I’d encourage you to volunteer your time to help him out. There’s lots of ways to help: come up with good story ideas, write content, find sponsors, cover events, etc. Don’t just sit around and expect something to last forever without contributing to it.

I won’t be disappearing either. I’ll continue to help Brent through a transition period, and probably poke my nose into things occasionally as well. Maybe now that I’m no longer in charge I’ll write more op-ed content … who knows.

So I encourage everyone to welcome Brent as the new owner of NextMontreal. And I wish Brent (and everyone else that gets involved with NextMontreal) the best.