New Section for NextMontreal: Resources and Learning

by NextMontreal on October 11, 2011

learnWe’ve just launched a new section to NextMontreal called Resources. You can see the section available in the navigation across the top. It includes some past articles from guest writers, and newer articles as well. The goal of the section is to provide an area on NextMontreal for people to learn, primarily about startups and technology, and always with a Montreal-centric focus.

We’re very pleased to announce that the Resources section is sponsored by Flow Ventures. They’ll be guest writing articles for the section (on a weekly basis or so) focused on a host of startup issues: tax credits, funding, accounting, and more. It’s great to have their support for the site.

Some of the content in the section so far:

If anyone wants to share content for the Resources section – how-to, lessons learned type posts – by all means get in touch. Everyone benefits from contributions made.