Media Sales Consultant at Praized Media (Full-Time & Part-Time)

by NextMontreal on November 12, 2010

Praized Media is hiring both a full-time and part-time Media Sales Consultant. Stock options are not included.

Praized Media is an enduring and well-funded startup that was founded to help local media companies embrace the social Web.

We have an outstanding social lead generation tool, NeediumTM, which allows us to provide real-time social media services to local businesses. For more information see:

We are currently growing our sales team and we are looking for self-motivated and dynamic people who are preferably bilingual.

What are the top reasons someone should work at Praized Media?

This is a great opportunity to gain experience in Marketing, Sales and the emerging and dynamic web services area, Social Media.

At Praized Media you will be joining a creative and enthusiastic team of business and technology people.

Online marketing is essential for businesses, yet many merchants don’t know how to integrate themselves in the digital realm. Thanks to you, small and medium sized businesses can finally have a voice in and grow their businesses through Social Media!

Describe a “day in the life” for this job:

You will be an integral member of our NeediumTM sales team. You will be well versed in Social Media and familiar with Twitter, Facebook and other online social media. You will set-up meetings with small and medium sized business in Montreal (think restaurants, salons, health practitioners, and many more business categories). At these meetings you will explain the service we provide and the value to their business growth. You will sign-up businesses on a services plan and you will maintain communications with this customer over the term of their plan, including renewals.

You will be on the road most of the time, but you will always have a workstation to come to at our Downtown offices.

We will provide you with cutting edge sales tools and collateral to enhance your meetings and ensure you have what is required to be successful in the MSC role.

The whole sales team will meet together once a week to discuss sales targets, plot strategy, and share learnings and best practices.

How will the new employee’s performance be measured?

Your success will be measured by the ability to meet and surpass weekly and monthly sales targets, as well as to contribute to improving the sales process and even the Needium product evolution.

Describe the job:

You will manage your own time. You will outline categories of businesses that you wish to focus on, and strategically identify merchants to meet with.

In these meetings you will inquire about their existing advertising and explain to them how their business would benefit from having a Social Media presence. You will demonstrate how the needium product works, and how our service provides new customers as well as reputation management on social networks.

Once a customer signs-up for the service plan you will relay this information to an Account Manager at Praized Media. You will also inform the Account Manager of any promotions or press that the merchant wishes to broadcast. The Account Manager will provide you with a monthly report to bring to your customer in person at the end of the first month.

You will be responsible for documenting all your meetings and you will share this information with the sales team at the weekly sales meetings.

What should candidates include in their applications to stand out?

Experience in and passion for Sales and/or Marketing.

An avid interest in Social Media and digital marketing.

How to Apply

Email Caroline Desmarais (@NeediumHQ) at