iOS App Developer Job at Underlabs

by NextMontreal on April 10, 2012

Underlabs is hiring an iOS App Developer. Stock options may be included.

We are young, playful and eager to learn and add skills to our existing toolsets.

We are a homegrown development workshop focusing on Mobile,Web and Desktop apps with a penchant to UI & UX design by our fantastic designers.

What are the top reasons someone should work at your company?

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Creative & Playful environment
  • A hub for learning
  • Skilled coworkers

Describe a “day in the life” for this position?

Architect, Develop and work with other engineers on conceiving and bringing iOS, iPhone & iPad apps to life.

How will the new employee’s performance be measured? Define the job’s specific goals.

Code Performance, maintainability and reusability of modularised components will be checked during the initial code review.

Experience in implementing design patterns is a huge positive.

Describe the job.

The job is to fill a role of a co-developer in Objective C.

You will be helping our lead developer in creating modules and concept architectures for existing clients.

What should a candidate include in their application to help them stand out?

  • Academic background (School / Major)
  • Examples of Apps developed.
  • Proof of application design (not UI)

How to Apply

You can email us at careers at