Geotoko Helps Businesses Launch and Measure Mobile Deals and Promotions

Geotoko is an easy to use platform that helps interactive agencies, businesses and brands create and measure location-based deals and promotions (such as sweepstakes, contests, give-aways) across multiple location-based apps like Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla. The company is based in Vancouver but will be presenting at this week’s Montreal Startup Camp 7.

The company was started by Adarsh Pallian and Rasheed Akhtar and has been self-funded since they started in May 2010. Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with over twelve years experience as a software engineer and UXP designer. Previously, he co-founded (acquired by Stocktwits) and Tweetizen. Rasheed is an experienced software architect with over 12 years experience developing applications across various industry verticals. His agency background has allowed him to work on delivering and executing promotional marketing campaigns for many of the world’s top Fortune500 companies.

Geotoko launched in May 2010 at TechCrunch Disrupt. They were pleased with the exposure and feedback, but Adarsh suggests that startups consider launching at smaller tech events in order to give them a chance to refine the product after, as well as practice answering questions they might not be thinking of. Gaining experience pitching and presenting at smaller events will ultimately help get on stage at the bigger ones.

Now Adarsh is eager to come to Montreal and present at Startup Camp. They’re looking for increased exposure overall, and specifically with VCs based in Montreal and Toronto.

Adarsh describes Geotoko’s core value proposition as such:

“We provide our clients the ability to easily execute cohesive promotional campaigns across multiple fragmented location based services. Using our campaign creation wizard and analytics dashboard, clients have a single tool to manage, promote, and measure the results of their location based marketing strategies across thousands of locations.”

Analytics is a big part of Geotoko’s core functionality. The product’s dashboard is clear and intuitive and there are a variety of ways of viewing and filtering the data. According to Adarsh the analytics serve as a risk free way for customers to test the waters of location-based marketing and see the results. Once they see some traction, they’re compelled to do more interesting and engaging things.

For more information about Geotoko’s core functionality. Click here

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