DokDok Launches Context.IO the Missing Email API

After raising financing from Real Ventures a couple months ago, DokDok has been accelerating their efforts in a big way. Yesterday they announced Context.IO, which they describe as “the missing email API.” In fact, DokDok is now very much a secondary interest for the company – it’s an example of what can be built with the Context.IO API, which is where they’ll be focusing from here on in. It makes sense for the company to rebrand at this point, to make it clear that they’re not focused just on email attachments, but in providing a layer of interactivity between email and web apps for everyone.

So what is Context.IO?

It’s an API that’s intended to make email integration with web applications much easier and more robust. They’re targeting web app developers, aiming to have them use the API to do email integration. And it is a pain point. Context.IO rightly points out on their site as an example that integration between email and CRM is typically done by BCC’ing a bizarre email address to put content into the CRM. It’s a manual, repetitive and error-prone process.

“Context.IO enables immediate, complete and rich email integration in collaboration and productivity apps,” says Bruno Morency, founder of Context.IO and DokDok. “Your users get instant gratification, you get increased adoption and retention.”

Developers can go to the site and request an API key to get started. The company’s business model is also clear – they’ll be charging for API usage. Pricing is not yet announced, but it will be soon when they open things up a bit more.

The company is also hiring a front end developer.

For more information about Context IO. Click here.

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