Community Manager Job at Hibe

by NextMontreal on March 6, 2011

Hibe is hiring a full time Community Manager. Stock options may be included.

Hibe (@hibecom) is a start-up with a soon-to-be-release social platform, Hibe allows it users to choose how they interact and share based on the social contexts. For individuals, such contexts may include their family, close friends, contacts, work colleagues, activity groups … and for organizations, their employees, clients, prospects, shareholders, recruiters…

Hibe is for all our contacts, not just our friends or our professional connections. It brings our full social environment in a single online space. No longer do we have to replicate our information over several networks.

At the end of the day, using Hibe gives more meaning to what we share, improves our online brand management capabilities, drastically enhances our online privacy, and keeps our social life organized.

What are the top reasons someone should work at Hibe?

  • We provide a much needed freedom. The freedom to act online as we do in life. The freedom to decide how we interact and how we share with others online.
  • We fill a need that is known, documented and spoken about across the world.
  • Hibe is cool; therefore anyone working there is ultra cool.

Describe a “day in the life” for this role?

  • Start in the kitchen by making a great espresso.
  • Get to the listening post and check what others have to say that may be of interest.
  • Review stats and numbers on current messages / campaigns and on membership.
  • Participate in a marketing 5 minute daily meeting.
  • Plan and execute a social strategy that meets the objectives.
  • Further listen to others.
  • Feel happy that he/she positively contributed to help others.

How will the new employee’s performance be measured? Define specific goals:

  • Increase membership
  • Increase brand awareness

Describe the job:

  • Organize and lead the social media initiatives;
  • Author / write blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos and/or screencasts;
  • Be active on social media platforms, forums and social bookmaking sites;
  • Listen, initiate and participate in online conversations regarding our services, values, messages and events;
  • Communicate all feedback to the corresponding departments (HR, Product development, Marketing, Support, …);
  • Establish social and SEO objectives, track & report them on a monthly basis;
  • Stay up to date on new social media tools and best practices.

What should candidates include in their application to help them stand out?

Experience & results.

How to Apply

Please apply through LinkedIn:

Hibe touches people. It got featured on six continents, on blogs, in magazines, newspapers, and on radio.

And this is only the beginning. Imagine what you could achieve as a community manager.