Code of Ethics

NextMTL publishes content based on the opinions, decisions and insights of its editorial team. NextMTL reserves the right to refuse publication of material or story ideas it receives.

One of NextMTL’s primary goals is to positively promote Montreal’s technology and startup ecosystems. However, NextMontreal must also remain objective, while still allowing contributors to be reasonably free to state their opinions.

If an opinion, news item or piece of content is too negative and could severely harm the Montreal technology and startup ecosystem, then the editorial team makes a judgment call on publication. If need be, NextMTL’s governing Board of Directors will get involved as well.

NextMTL’s Board of Directors, editorial team, staff and content producers are all active members of the Montreal technology and startup ecosystems. As such, there will arise numerous conflicts of interest. All contributors to NextMontreal will publicly disclose any such conflicts of interest if and when it is appropriate to do so. NextMTL will respect the privacy of its Board, editorial team, staff and content producers; and as such there may be occasions where potential conflicts of interest cannot be disclosed.

NextMTL will do its best at all times to maintain the highest standards possible in terms of journalism, quality of writing, editorial and reporting. Content that is editorial in nature will generally be marked as such, and news will be news.

Please remember that NextMTL is a work-in-progress and a great deal of blood, sweat and tears goes into it every single day. We’ll respect you, if you respect us. Thank you.

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