Memory Foam Mattress and Your Pressure Points

Memory foam mattress was originally developed to be used by astronauts, but years later it has found its way into people’s bedrooms. However, because it is not your ordinary mattress, you will need to pay extra for it, but the extra money that you will spend is worth it because of the mattress’ health benefits, especially to those who are suffering from back pain.

Pressure points

Memory Foam MattressFirst of all, this type of mattress is visco-elastic in nature. As explained in detail at the website Foam Nights, this means that the foam reacts to the warmth of your body, thereby, conforming to it.

What are pressure points you may ask. Well, they are small areas in the body that handle a large part of your body weight. These are the knees, shoulders and the hips. When the foam cradles these points, it can offer additional support to your back.

When you lie down, the memory foam mattress softens and relaxes so it can better support each part of your body that touches the foam. And this includes your spine.

As it supports the spine while you’re lying down, it keeps it in proper alignment, thereby, offering relief to your back pain. Most of the time, back pain is the result of poor alignment while sleeping. And this can be alleviated by using a memory foam mattress.

How comfortable is it?

Because it won’t disrupt your sleep, your back injuries can be alleviated and give you plenty of hours to sleep. With an uninterrupted night of sleep, your back will be completely healed.

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