Reasons Why SEO Ranking Drops

If you have a great ranking for your website then it would show up all over in the search engines and you would be receiving huge amount of traffic which would generate several phone calls, emails, leads and sales, however, when the SEO ranking drops then your phone calls, emails, leads and sales would drop too. When you would look at your analytics reports, you would find a sudden and noticeable loss in traffic.

When you would check your ranking then you would find that they have gone down or entirely disappeared. At this point in time, you would not just be alarmed but be highly terrified too. Therefore, it is always advisable to be alert before it is too late in order to save yourself from future issues. Below are a few reasons why SEO ranking drops:

 Your website has lost links


You would be receiving a boost in the SERPs or the search engine results placement when the authoritative websites would link to your site. However, if these websites would remove their links to your site because they might have taken down their website, changed their content or just any other reasons, then your site would just lose those links and ultimately your rankings would drop. However, when you simply focus on brand building and nurturing relationships then you would be naturally attracting high-quality links and can save yourself from the effect of losing links.

When Google changes its algorithm

One of the biggest reasons why SEO ranking drops is when Google changes its algorithm. When Google makes any major algorithm update then it might send your rankings into free-fall whilst the effects of the changes play out. Google had added responsive design recently to its ranking algorithm. So, the websites which weren’t optimized for the mobile were demoted, whereas, those having responsive designs got a remarkable boost in SERPs. Therefore, it is always better to check Google news in order to see if the algorithm tweak might impact your site’s performance. Hence it is important to keep up with the updates and changes that the search engines are making. Some reliable companies like Chicago SEO have a separate team to put in all the research to stay updated so that they can be at the top of the game.

Your website content is not up to the mark

You should know that Google rewards web pages which produce fresh contents. Therefore, if you haven’t changed or updated your website for months or years then you might receive a sudden drop in your rank due to this reason. Therefore, it is advisable to change and update your website content in order to attract more traffic to your website.

Your competitors have gone well

Like how you try to focus on improving your SEO rankings, your competitors might be doing that too. They might also be trying to improve the traffic towards their website, so if they are better in this than you then your rankings would drop. Search engine rankings are basically a zero-sum game. Therefore, for any keywords, if one site’s ranking improves then at least one site’s ranking needs to go down. This is the reason why the services of SEO are ongoing, instead of being provided just once. Your site is never optimized fully as your competitors are improving their sites constantly. Therefore, you need to try your best to improve your rankings.…