Tips on choosing the mobile and internet service provider for startups

Choosing the right mobile and internet service provider is one of the most difficult things these days because there are lots of models available that you can’t even decide that which mobile and internet provider is going to be perfect for your needs. The beginners, that are choosing the mobile for the first time, make lots of mistakes and they always make a wrong decision unless they take help from an expert.

Today, we’re going to share some informative tips on how you can find the best mobile and internet service, provider. We’re going to address the options that can help you all around the world because if we talked about a particular country, the rest of the people would still stay confused about making their decision.

So, we have targeted the most common options that can help you in any part of the world. Taking a look at these tips would help you make an informed decision.


The research is the key element to find the best option. You can ask your friends about the internet service providers in your country or you can also find the list on the internet. Once you have found the names of all the service providers, you need to create a list and start searching for their positive and negative aspects.

Create a list of these aspects and then compare them with each other and try to find the perfect service for your needs. If you rely on others to find the best service provider, you won’t be able to make the right decision because their needs are different from yours.

Prepaid or postpaid

One of the major problems that most of the beginners face is that they find it difficult to choose between the prepaid and postpaid data plan. We recommend that prepaid datentarif is the perfect option for you as a beginner. You can move to the postpaid plan later but in the beginning, you should only choose the prepaid data plan.


Reliability is another important aspect that most of the people overlook in the beginning. You should always be careful about the mobile and the internet service provider you’re going to choose. A reliable option will help you save your money in the long run otherwise, you’d have to change your mobile after a few months or even after some weeks.

Data plan

You should choose the data plan according to your personal needs. There are some internet providers that provide good quality services at a higher rate with limited data while there are others that provide poor quality services with unlimited data. We recommend that you should always choose the internet provider that provides you the good quality services because there is no benefit of choosing the low-quality services as it will only waste your money.…

Start-Up Chile is a Great Experience But Be Careful Too

Ken Seville is currently at Start-Up Chile with his company, CiviSide. He’s an ex-Montrealer (OK, he was born in Montreal and lived there for 6 months), who prior to going to Chile, lived in Ottawa. With the latest news about three Montreal startups going to the Chilean incubator, and yesterday’s post from one of the founders, Naysawn Naderi (founder of Art Sumo), I thought it would be interesting for Ken to share his experience as well. As you’ll read, most of his experience has been very good, but it’s not all perfect. There are some financial issues to receiving $40,000 of “free” money. As they say, “nothing in life is free” or “money doesn’t grow on trees”…and in Ken’s case he found that the financials aren’t as simplistic or rosy as expected. I want to thank Ken up front for sharing his story and wish him the best of luck!

My Mixed Experience at Start-Up Chile – But Still Highly Recommended

Start-Up Chile Party

Congratulations to Ateneo Digital, Bespoke Mobility, and Art Sumo on their acceptance to Start-Up Chile. As a Canadian in the the current cohort with, I can personally attest that it will be a worthwhile and enriching experience, but not without challenges. The first challenge, ironically, is money. The promise of Start-Up Chile is that you will receive $40K as an equity free grant, and that is absolutely true…if you have enough money up front to access the entire grant. The issue is that the grant is given on a reimbursed basis and they only allow startups to request reimbursement once monthly, so unless you bring roughly $10K with you, you will not be able to access your full grant (assuming that you are pre-revenue).

The Reimbursement Process

Here’s how their process works:

  1. Spend own money brought with you for business expenses
  2. Apply for reimbursement. Eligible expenses such as salaries, marketing, operations (including housing and salary), reimbursed at 90% of claim
  3. Receive reimbursement approximately 21 days later
  4. Rinse and Repeat

The good news is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to raise all or most of the seed capital that you need from friends and family (to get started), since 90% of it will be reimbursed by the program. Technically you only need to pay 10% of reimbursable expenses, so you should only need $4K in total to access your entire grant….technically. The reality is that not everything is reimbursable. You won’t be able to reimburse the agent fee for finding your apartment, you won’t be able to reimburse your deposit for your apartment, you won’t be able to claim the minimal salary you are allowed to claim ($750 CAD) in the first month. In total that added up to about $1,500 I wasn’t able to claim of the $5,000 I brought, so this was quite a setback for me. In addition, upon arrival there is about a 2 week lag between when you can sign your contract, add another week until you can get your first reimbursement appointment with an account executive, and then add up to another 21 days until you receive your first reimbursement in the bank. You need almost 2 months of money on hand before you see a peso from the program. That is the bad, now the good.

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Localmind Declared Best App at SXSW by Robert Scoble

The interactive part of SXSW is now complete, and Localmind received incredible buzz and kudos from some of the tech world’s elite. That buzz was fuelled largely by Robert Scoble who declared Localmind the best app he’d seen at SXSW. Other media including GigaOm, Business Insider and The New York Times have also covered Localmind.

Here’s the video interview with Scoble and Localmind founder, Lenny Rachitsky:

The best line in Robert Scoble’s post is this: “It’s like Quora and Foursquare got together and had a baby.”

Localmind lets you ask questions of people that are checked into locations (through Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook). It’s currently available on the App Store and via the Web.

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