What Foods to Cook in Microwave Oven

Having a microwave oven at home offers a convenient solution to speed up the cooking process while still producing healthy, nutritious meals. Of course, you can’t cook everything in this appliance and expect good results, but some foods are really great when cooked inside a microwave.

Cook vegetables

Some owners of this appliance utilize it to defrost frozen vegetables, but this isn’t the only purpose of this unit. In fact, you can use it to prepare fresh veggies. Steaming them using a microwaveable dish can help in retaining their nutrients, such as fiber, potassium and Vitamin C.

Pick squash, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms and they steam well inside your microwave oven. Chop them well and add some herbs and spices. Then, cook them via medium-high heat until they become tender.

Make scrambled eggs

Microwave OvenYou can prepare scrambled eggs through your microwave oven, the result is quite different when you prepare them using stove top. When you microwave it, you’ll have tasty and fluffy results.

Use a bowl that’s microwave-safe and spray non-stick cooking oil. In a separate bowl, crack 6 eggs and stir them. Add shredded cheese and mix them well. Put the mixture to the microwaveable bowl, place it in the oven and cook it for 3 to 4 minutes on medium to high heat.

Serve it with salsa or tomatoes on top. You’ll have tasty and protein-packed food for breakfast.

Prepare breakfast cereal

Grain-based hot cereals can be easily prepared using the best microwave. Preparing such food through this oven can take about a minute or two to produce flavorful results.

Just add dry cereal into a microwaveable bowl. Then, add low-fat milk (you may also use soy milk for your protein needs). Mix them well before placing it to the oven. Cook it for a few minutes and serve it hot.

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