Bunker App Launched, Sold and Featured on Lifehacker All in a Few Days

by Ben Yoskovitz on October 4, 2011

Alexandre DeschampsOn September 21st, 2011, Alexandre Deschamps got in touch with me about his new project, Bunker App. A short eight days later on September 29th, Alexandre sent me a message to let me know that he had sold Bunker App (the day before on September 28th) to FocusCentric, in order to focus on something new. On September 29th (one day after selling Bunker App), he was featured on Lifehacker. He joked with me that, “I sold one day too early!”

That’s quite the ride from launch to selling to getting featured and receiving a lot of traffic + attention.

Bunker App is a simple combination of project management and invoicing for freelancers. Alexandre built the application himself – from design to code – in a few months, but decided to pursue a new opportunity (he’s working now on an online game), and FocusCentric was the perfect acquirer. FocusCentric is a small web application developer run by Dominic St. Pierre. Alexandre had worked previously for Dominic on a contract basis, so they were familiar with each other. And Bunker App fits nicely in the suite of web applications developed by FocusCentric, which include a CMS, live chat app and more. According to Alexandre, FocusCentric plans on continuing to develop Bunker App, and Alexandre may work for them on the side while developing his new online game project.

Details of the transaction were not released. One would assume it was a very small transaction, but nevertheless worth it for Alexandre to move on and explore something new. And it’s great to see a single person release an application and be able to generate value out of it quickly. It will be interesting to follow Alexandre’s progress going forward as well, and see how quickly he can sell his next business. :)