Wajam Places Brings Friends’ Location Info into Search Engines

Wajam has been very busy of late adding new functionality. In June they announced Wajam Everywhere, which brought the social search product onto a variety of new sites beyond search engines. Last week, they announced Wajam Places, which brings location data from your friends into the search experience. Here’s a screenshot of Google. The Wajam Places data shows Continue Reading

Wajam is Social Search Directly in Your Search Engine

Wajam is a startup entering into the crowded and messy social search space (most industries are crowded and messy!) The company was instigated by the folks at Bolidea, a startup accelerator that we’ve covered before. Bolidea has been involved in a few launches and startup announcements of late, including Artfox, Serviceville and Planbox. Wajam started in March 2009, and they’re now getting Continue Reading