Band Trackr – Never Miss Another Concert Again

by NextMontreal on February 2, 2011

Band Trackr logoBand Trackr is a very early startup (yet to be released) from Jean-Pierre Levac (COO & co-founder), Steve Sanderson II (CEO & co-founder) and Josh Nursing (CTO). The goal of Band Trackr is to provide you with immediate, real-time access to concert listings for your favorite bands. You can then purchase tickets directly from your mobile phone and never miss another concert, whether you’re at home or traveling abroad.

Band Trackr will look at your favourite bands using information from Facebook, Pandora and It will then alert you when your favourite artists are coming to town. The system will also take into account your location, via services like Foursquare, Facebook Places and TripIt. That way when you’re on the road you’ll get notified of concerts you may want to check out.

Although the use case (get alerted when your favourite band is having a concert nearby and buy tickets) seems narrow, the three partners point out that they’ve all missed concerts they wanted to go to numerous times over the years. Steve said that it happened to him twice in the last month! And buying tickets is a frustrating experience – having to wait in line or sit by your computer scrambling frantically – with Band Trackr, the team hopes to eliminate that frustration completely.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that they’re going after the Android marketplace first and not building an iPhone app. “We are starting with Android due to its high daily activation rate of 300,000+, even though this seems unconventional to most,” said Steve Sanderson. “The App Store is quite crowded versus the Android store, and we think we can make great headway in terms of gaining users.” Although the Android numbers do look good, in Canada that’s definitely not the case, which means Band Trackr will need to focus on getting real traction in the United States right out of the gate.

Not surprisingly there’s a fair amount of competition in the space, although according to the partners none of the competitive apps measure up to what they want as an end user or developer. “On the iPhone there’s an app called Superglued, which only allows you to search your favourite bands and it seems to only alert you when bands are playing in your home town,” said Sanderson. Another example is BandsInTown which is web-based and available in Facebook as well.

They hope to launch in April with a closed beta, followed by an open beta in June 2011. While in the midst of development they’re also looking to the future: tighter integration with social networks, deployment on iOS, and partnership opportunities.