Ashkan Karbasfrooshan Talks to Ian Jeffrey About the Rise of Accelerators

by NextMontreal on February 28, 2012

WatchMojo logoAshkan Karbasfrooshan hosts a weekly show on WatchMojo called HipMojo that’s about tech, entrepreneurship and more. In one of the recent shows, Ashkan talks to Ian Jeffrey, who runs FounderFuel. FounderFuel’s second cohort is just about to begin.

The interview is broken up into two videos. You can see them below.

They do a great job of discussing accelerators in general, and Ash digs into a few great questions around mentorship (what works, what doesn’t), funding in Montreal, etc. Ian provides a detailed description of FounderFuel, the past cohort and identifies a couple of the companies that graduated the first time with flying colors. Ash also puts Ian under fire with some quick, pointed questions about hiring, pitching investors and more.

Ash wants people to know – If you’re a Montrealer with a story to tell, experience to share, expertise in a given topic, please contact as they plan to expand the weekly show to do Q&As with entrepreneurs, investors, etc.