About Us

Welcome to the NextMTL website — a source for all the news and opinion on startups and technology in Montreal.

NextMTL’s vision and driving purpose is to be a key hub of news and opinion related to Montreal technology, with a focus on Web startups. NextMTL aims to reach three key audiences: grassroots non-community members (people that can be recruited into the startup community), existing startup community members, and non-community members from outside Montreal (e.g. investors, acquirers, talent) as well as inside Montreal (e.g. executives at large organizations). The needs of all three audiences in terms of content and approach must be met.

The site will be written in both French and English.

In order to succeed, NextMTL must provide a reasonably objective viewpoint into the Montreal tech & startup ecosystems. This is to ensure credibility and maintain the highest standards of quality, while balancing the need to promote Montreal in a positive light.

NextMTL’s success will be measured by its ability to raise Montreal’s profile as a worthwhile city for startups and technology, both locally and internationally.

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