Why Indoor Air Quality is More Pernicious

purified air
The fact that our environment is polluted by a lot of natural as well as artificial deleterious particles is incontrovertible. Mankind has always aspired to progress and evolve and as everything has a price, the price of evolution also needs to be paid. One of the prices we have paid is polluting our environment with many toxic pollutants that not only affect the nature adversely but the human life as well. Most of the people believe that their home is a safe haven from all kind of pollution but EPA believes otherwise, their studies state that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted and toxic than the outdoor environment and in a few shocking cases, experiments revealed that indoor toxicity can be as high as 100 times more than the outdoors. The research by WHO has led them to believe that 3% of the world’s sickness and ailments are caused by indoor air pollution since we spend most of our life indoors. All of this gives rise to the query what is the reason of such high toxicity indoors? Below you will find the causes of indoor pollution.

Smoke Production inside the House

Most of the houses have chimneys or stoves that make their home prone to the production of smoke and carbon monoxide including other harmful gases that are given off by the combustion of coal, oil, wood or gas. Carbon monoxide is one of the most toxic gases responsible for cardiovascular diseases and it can even lead to death at extremely high levels. Nitrogen oxides are also toxins known for causing respiratory problems and lowering guard from infection. Another indoor source of smoke is a common deadly habit nowadays, smoking. Tobacco has more than 180 known poisons and around 50 compounds that are known to cause cancer. Passive smoking is even more injurious and has been known to cause lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even among infants, it can cause respiratory infections. One of the best remedies to deal with a smoker around the house is installing an air purifier around the place we
e that person smokes. Using an air purifier is the best way to get 100% purified air, and that gives you many health benefits.

Mold and House Hold Products

Mold, one of the most probable threats to your property and your health is a consequence of high humidity inside the house. Mold and mildew gives off pollens that scatter around the environment and become causes for a lot of allergies. This usually happens if your home doesn’t have proper ventilation which only not gives rise to humidity but also to the concentration of pollutants inside since most of them are unable to escape, they roam around the house continuously causing diseases. A research states that a normal house has about 30 liters of manmade chemical products including pesticides, varnishes, paints, and even air fresheners that are also a cause of spreading toxins indoor. Even the foam of you bed and sofas, the glue and backing of carpet emits something called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a cause of different ailments like cancer, lung and heart diseases.

The Top 3 Wavy Hairstyles You Should Try

hairstylesA great way to add more beauty to your hairstyle is by adding some waves to it. Waves are really into fashion right now and many celebrities are rocking their wavy hairstyles. From long, medium to short hair, waves can go with just about every hair length. You also won’t have to worry about your face shape because wavy hairstyles suit just about everyone. So, if you are looking for some ideas or inspiration to get a wavy hairstyle in the comfort of your own home, then check out these top 3 wavy hairstyles and make sure that you try them by following the styling guide mentioned with each hairstyle.

1. Short Side Swept Waves

As already stated above, you can make wavy hairstyles with just about every hair length. Short hair is no exception here. A side swept wavy hairstyle on your short hair will look great on you and you wouldn’t have to worry about your face shape because it suits every face shape out there. In order to get this style, firstly apply heat protection to your hair and then use a curling wand to create curls at random section of your hair. That’s Foxy curling wand reviews are a really great source for finding a good one, because the quality levels really differ a lot. Now, spray dry shampoo on your hair and use your fingers to break up the curls by running your fingers through your hair. Create a side parting on whichever side you like and then finish with a product for texture and a hair setting spray.

2. Medium Voluminous Textured Waves

If you are looking for a wavy hairstyle for medium hair, then this might be the best that you can try. Simple volumized waves with added texture look really great when done. You can wear this hairstyle in just about any occasion without making yourself look like a mess. This hairstyle also suits all the face shapes but will look best on heart shaped faces. To style, firstly you will need to apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Now dry your hair using a blow dryer with a round brush. After that, apply a product for heat protection on your hair. Now use a curling iron to create waves from top to bottom and then use a tooth comb to create loose waves. Lastly, apply a product for adding texture and then finish by spraying a hairspray.

3. Long Center Parted Waves

Waves provide an awesome style to any of you with long hair. The go-to hairstyle for most of the people having long hair is a wavy hairstyle and this center parted wavy hairstyle is really glamorous and will make you look really wonderful. It will look good with any face shapes but will look best with round or heart face shapes. To style, firstly make a center part and apply heat protection to your hair. Now, secure the hair up from the ears with some pins and then use a curling iron to create waves at the dropped down hair. After that, drop down the front section and continue curling. Ensure that you curl the front pieces away from your face. Finish with a hairspray.


Exercise to Stay Fit and Look Great

Don’t know how to ride a traditional bike? No problem. You can still take advantage of the benefits of bicycling through an exercise bike. It’s an indoor bike that lets you feel that you’re riding a real bike minus the safety issues associated with the open road. This bike is a great form of anaerobic exercise, which helps tone your muscles around the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Should you consider a bike with extra features?

If you could afford it, why not? Just go for the best stationary bike for home use if you can, but know that those extra functionalities won’t necessarily help you get a better workout. You can opt for computerized models that show your heart rate but the figures presented won’t improve your exercise. Still, they’re worth the investment.

Types of exercise bikeTypes of exercise bike

There are different types of this bike on the market. You can go for an upright unit, which is similar to regular bikes except that it’s stationary.

The recumbent bike gives you a different position. In here, you’ll be sitting on the pedals but your feet are in front of you. It’s especially made for people with back problems as it supports the back.

How about its resistance level?

When using an exercise bike, you must set its resistance level to a point where you can handle. Don’t go too high at first. Your goal here is to have a fun workout without worrying about the pain later on. However, if you feel pain each time you use it, then it’s a clear indication that you’re setting the resistance level that’s higher than your fitness level.

You can also include upbeat music while using an exercise bike, it gives your workout a different rhythm and flavor. You can also attend spin classes that let you experience a different type of workout using this bike. This type of class includes guided imagery with the instructor helping you envision different conditions or scenarios while completing your workout. But because this type of class is intense, you will need to get used to riding this bike first before joining this class.

How much calories can you burn?

An exercise bike is a form of a cardio machine. Your body can burn 100 calories for 30 minutes, but the calories will depend on how long you pedal and your resistance levels. Some bikes provide an LCD that shows you the number of calories you have burned while pedaling. However, you must not rely on what has been shown, sometimes the number can be inaccurate.