Exercise Bike and Its Various Types

Don’t know how to ride a traditional bike? No problem. You can still take advantage of the benefits of bicycling through an exercise bike. It’s an indoor bike that lets you feel that you’re riding a real bike minus the safety issues associated with the open road. This bike is a great form of anaerobic exercise, which helps tone your muscles around the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Should you consider a bike with extra features?

If you could afford it, why not? Just go for the best stationary bike for home use if you can, but know that those extra functionalities won’t necessarily help you get a better workout. You can opt for computerized models that show your heart rate but the figures presented won’t improve your exercise. Still, they’re worth the investment.

Types of exercise bikeTypes of exercise bike

There are different types of this bike on the market. You can go for an upright unit, which is similar to regular bikes except that it’s stationary.

The recumbent bike gives you a different position. In here, you’ll be sitting on the pedals but your feet are in front of you. It’s especially made for people with back problems as it supports the back.

How about its resistance level?

When using an exercise bike, you must set its resistance level to a point where you can handle. Don’t go too high at first. Your goal here is to have a fun workout without worrying about the pain later on. However, if you feel pain each time you use it, then it’s a clear indication that you’re setting the resistance level that’s higher than your fitness level.

You can also include upbeat music while using an exercise bike, it gives your workout a different rhythm and flavor. You can also attend spin classes that let you experience a different type of workout using this bike. This type of class includes guided imagery with the instructor helping you envision different conditions or scenarios while completing your workout. But because this type of class is intense, you will need to get used to riding this bike first before joining this class.

How much calories can you burn?

An exercise bike is a form of a cardio machine. Your body can burn 100 calories for 30 minutes, but the calories will depend on how long you pedal and your resistance levels. Some bikes provide an LCD that shows you the number of calories you have burned while pedaling. However, you must not rely on what has been shown, sometimes the number can be inaccurate.